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tv   [untitled]    July 30, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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witness than john the baptist and he said there was never a man born as great as john the baptist. this would include the great felix, the roman procurator in the great book of acts isaiah smitten with leprosy temple of lord to offer incense. high priest enabled by the power of the lord in the fourth gospel 11th chapter to make his incredible fashion. truly a descriptor said the divine sentence in the lives of the king is now transgressive not in judgment. father of the fable bore him six children.
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issue raised in demo still in doubt moon never was there a day like today with the lord did hearken to the voice of a man and the people were able to take vengeance upon their enemies. your guess in the 20 chapter in the book of acts who fell out a window when the apostle was long-winded. and was resurrected. >> thank you. next speaker >> obadiah who arranged a meeting with a profit and the king during our lady of mount from elsewhere to speak was unable to pray his prayer. as a who was smitten by the ark
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ananias prayed for saul >> inc. you very much. that is your clock. next speaker >>, to garner support there is definitely human trafficking sex slavery and human experimentation going on in the city for probably about 100 years. as the program has been going on for over 100 years. i've contacted authorities. just to have in uniform, in marked car officers come tell me and display to me that they tell me they were not going to do anything. they do report dissuade me from continuing to let people know what is going on. this is heinous. i know too many people. i do know this young lady here but much the same thing is going on throughout 63 and tenderloin. i've heard heinous things just
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like that just of 26 and south. at times i've got recordings of these heinous rapes. game rates are allowing. this is not okay. i've been trying to get you children to do something for almost 4 1/2 straight years. deal with me. i live at 3463. i have many recordings chew about to start putting on youtube. sodomy, tortures, injections, experimentation. this is not okay. their programming people. they're destroying who they are
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in favor of a fractured personality and a sex slavery and torture and experimentation victim. one of them is expected to live much of birthday in four days. i just seen her on either of our birthdays in six years. >> think. next speaker >> thank you. next speaker >> i my name is larry edman alleged legal admin juicy estate 55 mason and what i have here i want to show the people. you invited this thursday to pursuit of excellence at another roland martin. it's been tried on, jesse collins, the man from glee. it's been a birthday celebration of men well from south africa. in the dawn of a baby today and inadequate nurse. i'm here to tell you
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take a look at this picture, we all believe we can fight. somehow knew something about this what this picture symbolizes. i want to thank global funds for being in the the last 15 years of aids walk american marijuana i was met at the present because nancy pelosi [inaudible] they're not doing nothing medical marijuana but we have guns. the question is are we medical marijuana or guns? you know secure communities is just not provide. it all comes down to this. the president tell the president grow medical marijuana so people in mexico won't be getting killed for the drugs that americans need. so it's very important that tonight i want to be at the
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library talking about the joined by the og bt advisory committee. we ask you leaders to be leaders for the people and not leaders for the money. it's very important that people be able to get their meds. when you just keep those people because sacramento washington, it's black on this. people say it's hotter in july. you know why that is? because we picked cotton in july that's why you have % >> thank you. are there any other members of the public that wish to speak in general public comments at the scene in general public, says goes. but what would you go to adoption counter >> item 6970, 72 and 73 are being considered for immediate adoption without committee reference. rollcall vote one-act these items unless a member objects and matter can be removed and considered
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separately >> would anyone like to sever any of the items supervisor breed >>, item sever and 70 should have a right to sever item 73 >> we call the roll for the rest of the items >> >>[roll call] >> there are 11 eyes. >> this revolution are adopted. and 70 >> item 70 supporting 7.3 million funding from the octavia boulevard special fund for proposition i ancillary projects >> supervisor breed >> thank you. i had to make two small amendments and the
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resolution. on item line 17, to strike the word, the. that should actually be 10, gen. also strike, to be. on my number 17 and 18 add additional exemplary project. >> supervisor breed has made the amendment that she described as their second event separate segment can retake the motion without objection? that objection and on the underlying resolution as amended can retake this in-house and call a stick without objection the resolution is adopted as amended. medical can you call and 73 >> item 73 a motion authorizing preparation of written proponents and opponents out arguments and rebuttal ballot arguments similar to the voters in november 5, 2013 consolidate general municipal election >> college because the full ballot is not yet finalized like to suggest we continue this item until next week will
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make that decision. it would make a motion to continue this item for one week. bush my supervisor winner second without objection it will be continued until july 30. >> madam clerk can you please redeem >> today's meeting will be adjourned in memory of the following beloved individuals on behalf of supervisor: supervisor avalos the late is beverly jones hubbard adams. on behalf of supervisor chiu, nicholas abbey are so good >> madam clerk is there more business in front of the board? >> ladies and gentlemen we are adjourned. >> it's a pleasure to be here. i'd just like to say thanks to the city of san francisco and the mayor and all of you great people for keeping the legacy
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of otis redding alive. and a quick thing about the song. my mother said my father was in california and done some shows in los angeles. and he came home and he told her he wanted to be a new otis redding, not the begging and pleading, he wanted to do something totally different. he came home and started putting bits and pieces of a song together. it goes like this. ♪ ♪ >> you can sing along if you want to. it goes like this. ♪ in the morning sun i'll be sitting till the evening comes watching the ships roll in and then watch them roll away again yeah just gonna sit on the dock of the bay
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watching the tide roll away ooh-ee sitting on the dock of the bay wasting time... ime i left my home in georgia headed for the frisco bay i have nothing to live for and look like nothing's gonna come my way so i'm just gonna sit on the dock of the bay watching the tide roll away ooh-ee sitting on the dock of the bay wasting time ah-ah
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look like nothing's gonna change everything still remains the same i can't do what people tell me to do so i guess i'll remain the same sitting here and this loneliness won't leave me alone 2000 miles i roamed just to make this dock my home i'm just gonna sit on the dock of the bay watching the tide roll away ooh-ee sitting on the dock of the bay wasting time... ah
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>> whistle along with me, y'all. ♪ [whistling] yeah [whistling] >> thank you. (applause) [cheering and applauding] >> other than that, how about a san francisco welcome? [cheering and applauding] >> now, a few words about otis redding and that absolutely gorgeous song. can you think of a better song for this great wharf? as you probably know, otis redding was in san francisco to perform at the fillmore in the summer of 1967 and he found
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himself for a week on a sauselito house boat. on the bay came the inspiration for this incredible song. a couple months later he recorded the song and tragically passed 2008 way in a plane crash in 1967. this song became the last recorded song by otis redding. it is an incredible song, it is so befitting and it is something we thought would inspire everyone who comes to this wharf, not just today, but ongoing. and the otis redding family has graciously allowed us to use some of his famous lyrics here at the wharf. they will be permanently engraved at one of the markers down at the far end of the port. i'm sorry, of the park. and they will be here to inspire visitors and locals alike as they come to this
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place on our amazing bay. and otis redding left a legacy greater than just his music. he left his wife zelma and his wonderful children, four of whom are still with us. and this is otis redding iii also known as a genius. (applause) >> and he came all the way from los angeles to help us christen this wharf with that tremendous song. so, please, join me in welcoming otis redding, jr. (applause) >> thank you so much. i'd like to say thanks. this is a really beautiful thing. and our family, my mother sends her love, my sister carla and dexter, my sister dee-dee. we all send our love here. we really appreciate this opportunity to, to keep fulfilling and continuing the legacy of otis redding. we have the otis redding foundation and our mission is simple.
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it's progress through education and enlightenment through music. and it was founded in 2007 and we're doing very well. and you can always go to otis to learn more about our foundation and thank you very, very much. this is a beautiful thing. thank you very much. (applause) >> thank you, mr. redding. truly, it is such an inspiration for all of us. seeing all of you here today is also inspirational. so many of you have made today possible. i wish i could name and thank all of you as i look around this amazing crowd. unfortunately i can't. i would be here all day. i do want to take a moment to recognize some of the folks standing behind me. of course, our honorable mayor, mayor ed lee. (applause) >> president of our board of supervisors, david chiu. board supervisor jane kim. representative from leader pelosi's office, dan bernau. (applause)
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>> larry bobans, director of the bscbc. the port commission president, doreen ruho, port commissioner and former supervisor leslie tack. dbi director tom huey. san francisco fire chief hayes white. fire and port commissioner [speaker not understood]. planning commission president rodney fong, and aloe ons and aloe ons of vips among you out there. so, thank you all for joining us today. ~ in the 45 years since that beautiful song was written, our own san francisco port waterfront has transformed. so, nothing has stayed exactly the same, we're proud to say. and just like sitting on the dock of the bay is a jewel among otis redding's collection, the new braniff street wharf is a jewel among the port's park open space collection, and we are so amazingly proud of it. it has taken a very long time and hundreds of people. the transformation of this kind
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of a waterfront doesn't come easy. for those of you who know it keenly, it was a thousand feet of failing edge, dilapidated pier and a tried but true seawall. and today as you look around, it is a thousand feet of public space, a place where we can walk along and experience the bay peacefully, playfully, we can gather here, we can work here, we can recreate here and we can celebrate here. and i am so pleased and thankful to all of you who have made this moment possible. i want to take a short second to recognize some truly deserving port staff. first and foremost, planning project manager dan hodep with byron red, dianne, linda, several interns and a whole planning division. (applause) >> engineering project manager stephen real, lead architect wendy proctor. architect alan jen.
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i'd like to know the architectural work was done in-house at the port. we're very, very proud of that. and the entire engineering division. our dedicated real estate staff led by susan reynolds, our maintenance staff led by tom carter who has made this place look just amazing for all of you today. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. our maritime staff led by peter dealy, and our finance and administration staff led by elaine forbes. so, it is now my honor to welcome the man who has dedicated his life to transforming and improving our city, mayor ed lee. (applause) >> thank you. thank you, monique, for that wonderful introduction. and mr. redding, thank you again. welcome back. >> thank you. >> for a moment i felt how it is to waste some time. [laughter] >> don't do that very often these days. and i'm sure my colleagues at the board of supervisors also don't know how that feels very much. but i want to thank and welcome
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everybody here to our waterfront. this is the kind of event that we're happy to not only engage in, but to bring more people to our waterfront. that has been the purpose of the port for so many years. and i want to just congratulate the port, its commission and the staff, because this is in fact 150 years of celebration of our port. and what a way to celebrate with all these wonderful things that are happening here. it's taken 15 years for this project to get done, 15 years. that's a 10th of the history of the port of san francisco. and there's a lot of people to thank and monique's already thanked them, but it's worth repeating. i think the big conservation development commission, the port commission, our port staff, public works, all our departments behind me, rec and park, our federal partners have certainly been extremely important. thank you to everyone for getting to this point. and thank you for the
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contractors as well, because this has been one of the most visible projects where people along the waterfront have traversed this project for quite sometime and did not experience any public safety challenges along the way. so, i want to thank them for that high level of safety. 840 feet alongside our embarcadaro promenade, really blessed to have two beautiful acres of open space to welcome more people to enjoy our waterfront. that is what our city does, especially in these times along our waterfront. you've seen all the things that we've done literally in the past year. brannon street wharf today. last june we had the privilege of opening up just up north jefferson street promenade. february earlier this year, we did the james cruise ship terminal, the cruise ship terminal at pier 27.
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of course, last november we all did a lot of great celebration just a little bit more south here at head park, 22 acres of open space. we're literally honoring our open space obligations and doing it the right way. this particular project is impressive not only for its beauty and opening up more space, but it does in a seismically safe way and in a sustainable way accommodate some 75 years of projected sea level lies for our city. and that's incredible because we always are having to pay attention to all of our environment around our city. we're three quarters the bay. and, so, that's a respectful thing. we do it on ocean beach. we do it on the long golden gate. our maritime. of course, here in our waterfront. it's all also about history, not just with otis redding iii,
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not with the 150 years here, but the history that's represented by the panels you see, the interpretive art panels that are on display here. eight panels in total, but they will run the gamut of explaining some important history not only for our waterfront, but our whole history of our city. when it talks about the maritime history of the waterfront, it will also talk about the history of asian immigration and the challenges of a certain family member who lived through generations of the history here. i'll talk about that family. it will talk about the labor history of our city and particularly the hard history of our waterfront labor struggles. and that international long shore and work house union, yes, very important part of our city's history. (applause) >> are reflected in these
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wonderful artistic and historic panels. and that will just give us even much more of a deeper sense of appreciation for what our city does with this. then this opens up a viewpoint that i know you know that i personally share because it's not just the history. we're also going to be opening up this area for even more people as we establish and get going on piers 30-32 and transform what has historically been dying piers into the hopeful new entertainment and waterfront arena. i know in less than five years, an additional 13 acres of open space will had. more of that will be open more and more to the public. i want to see -- see gail hunter, viethv of the warriors here. i want to thank you for your commitment to working with the city to try to make this happen. ~ vice president i think this will be a wonderful great entertainment
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sports center for our city. but again, the purpose is to bring more people to the waterfront and enjoy what our city has. we're already starting to enjoy an event that everyone has been working on very hard for quite sometime, and i know i have with the board. and that is our 34th america's cup. and the jobs and benefits are starting to materialize even more deliberately and we're celebrating again more open space. that event has allowed us and caused us to accelerate. this project was worth every dollar of the $26.1 million that was spent on this project. it's worth it. projects along the waterfront are not inexpensive. as everyone here behind me can attest to, because they have to do with the challenges of water, dying piers, and all our infrastructure work that has to go with it. and, so, it is not only appropriate. we are blessed with four very
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contributing great resources that we use to fund this $26.1 million. the federal water resources development act of 2007, you have to recognize that. the california coastal conservancy. federal appropriations. and, danielle, again, thank our leader pelosi for her wonderful support. (applause) >> always, always there for us. and then i think constantly what i always enjoy in addition to thanking our federal support is our taxpayers of san francisco. but for the 2008 clean and safe neighborhood parks bond, this would not have happened. and that's a big shout out to all of the taxpayers in san francisco. thank you, everybody, for coming and to celebrate. thank you for enjoying with me a brief moment of time wasted and remembered all in celebration of this great waterfront. thank you. (applause)
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>> thank you very much, mr. mayor. i really appreciate all those remarks, and i'm glad that you are as happy about it as i am. of the great features here is the fact that underneath where all of you are now standing is a fairly robust and rebuilt seawall. so, that was an important cadence of this project as well as a lot of great seismic features we are piloting here at the park and piloting a response to sea level rise. so, we're very, very proud of everything you can see and a lot of what you can't see. and we'd also like to thank our partners at our other city departments starting with our dedicate and had hard working board of supervisors. the department of city planning. especially chelsea ford ham. department of public works [speaker not understood]. rec and park, and don, calem
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and nathan who helped us get this far. and i want to thank in particular president of the board, david chiu for always being there for the port when the waterfront has needs. and we look forward to a long future with him in that role. please join me in welcoming president chiu. (applause) >> thank you, monique, and good morning. so, when i was invited to come and participate at this event, i suggested that the elected officials, mayor lee and supervisor kim, that the three of us do a rendition of sitting on the dock by the bay. [laughter] >> and i just want to say thank you, otis redding, for sparing us of that. one of the things so special about that song is it refers to otis reding's experience of coming from thousands of miles away. i suspect it is true for all the officials here, we all came from other parts of the country to this very sacred space called san francisco. and my guess is everyone here, you either came from somewhere else, or you are the child of
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the grandchild of someone who decided to pick up from another dock from another part of the world to be where we are today. and, in fact, over 160 years ago, this was the embarkation point for thousands of immigrants, particularly the first asian immigrants to this very spot. and i think it's very, very special that we are rededicating it as a community space. it takes a village for us to build a park and i want to very much add the thanks to the so many city staff that came together who monique and mayor lee have already mentioned, but i want to thank in particular the port for your leadership over the many years, all the departments, mayor lee. i also want to thank an agency that i had the pleasure of serving on that many members of the public don't know much about, the bcdc, the bacon certification development commission. (applause) >> thank you, bcdc. so, those of you who don't know, bcdc is the commission that is responsible for protecting the bay, protecting the access of the public to the
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bay, protecting the fact that our bay had for many decades until bcdc came along, been encroached by developments that not everyone thought was appropriate. and i think it's so special that we are focused today on making sure that this very spot and spots around the entire bay are protected. one of the interesting design aspects of what we stand on right now is that this is built to withstand sea level rise because we know over the next 50 years, it's estimated anywhere from 18 to 55 inches worth of sea rise will happen because of our environment. so, i want to thank bcdc for that. i also, of course, want to add and echo my thanks to the voters of san francisco for approving bond measures in 2008 and 2012 to get this done. we know that this spot for decades to come will allow us to celebrate the history of our city, allow us to celebrate the very best of the present of our city, and allow us to continue in making sure that san francisco is the most amazing st